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To create an experience around the launch of M Collection, communicating art, design and craftsmanship as core values of the brand. In addition, we had to surprise the public and look for a different way of serving the product.

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The design of the bottle with its geometric shapes was reminiscent of a prism. And just as the liquid inside the bottles was exquisite, surprising and beautiful, we discovered that there was an element that, when interacting with the bottle, generated an aesthetic experience that was also exquisite, surprising and beautiful. That element was light. Therefore, light became the heart of the collection and the vehicle to connect the six attributes of the collection: mist, distillation alchemy, warm lights, cold ice, raw textures, and copper.


“The Heart of The Light”, a night of spectacle combining sculpture and light thanks to Alexis le Diamantaire, author of an artistic installation for each bottle aiming to create a light show with special effects. This show was held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, with over 100 select guests, from art experts, luxury lovers, press, high society, and influencers. Catering was provided by Paco Roncero, a two-Michelin-starred chef, and mobility was providedin collaboration with the luxury brand Bentley.

A demostration that “It takes change to Tango”


3.34M total reach, 99 media placements, +3.7M PR Value, 1200% ROI, and 186k Earned Media Value.


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