Trust is the cornerstone of the company, so we set out to create a global campaign that would revolve around “that boost you get from Mapfre”, becoming your trusted global insurer in all markets.

So how did we make it happen?

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We verbalised the concept of trust in a personal and direct manner through an anthropological study that allowed us to delve deeper into this value. We unified the way of acting in all countries through a trust manual and we gave meaning to the Mapfre definition of trust: overcoming, work, effort and never giving up until dreams are achieved.


In order to give meaning to the word trust, we sought out five real stories of people who have achieved whatever they set their minds to, in order to inspire the public and encourage them to fight for their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. For the launch Rafa Nadal was our brand ambassador, who is a true reflection of what trust is all about.

Case study on these stories of overcoming challenges.

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