Revaluing insurance as a tool for social well-being, making visible the positive impact it generates in the world and increasing positive sentiment towards the brand.

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To revalue the social role of MAPFRE’s insurance in a category that constantly focuses on lowering prices, we wanted to do something different by demonstrating that insurance plays an important role in people’s lives and in our society. We found a great truth:

“MAPFRE stays when the cameras leave.”

When an event disrupts people’s lives, the media only show interest in the incident when it happens but not in how it ends, that is, how people’s lives continue. This creates a sensation in society of fear, constant worry, and pessimism. We wanted to position MAPFRE as the key post-incident piece, the “solver” of people’s lives. And all this, with humility, realism, and globally, telling real stories, placing people in the middle of those stories, and ensuring those stories reached everyone.

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We made a series of documentaries in which we told the happy endings of real stories that were once news, but that the media never told how they ended.

To this end, we created El Desenlace, a communication platform with a documentary miniseries with three chapters (Avanzar, Retomar and Volver) filmed in Colombia, Peru and Spain.

The stories of Hamilton, Carmen and David tell how, thanks to the help of MAPFRE, the efforts of their community and their own, they moved forward and achieved their happy ending.

Three journalists who at the time covered the news of the three disasters returned to the scene to help us tell the story they never told: their outcomes. And we closed the circle by publishing an article about these stories in a national newspaper, making them news again.

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More than 432 M impacts

12% interaction (9 million)

3% positive sentiment towards the brand

5% association with the attribute “trust”

Conversion rate 58%


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