#McExtremeRisketos the perfect macht



To viralize the new product born from the collaboration between Risketos and McDonald’s and to encourage purchase at points of sale (POS).

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We needed an innovative creative strategy to communicate, from Risketos’ digital channels, the new product to be launched with McDonald’s, #McExtremeRisketos, leveraging on different collaborations with content creators that would help to reinforce communication and have an even greater convening power.


The conversation took off, generating over 5 million impressions and more than 18,000 total interactions. Thus placing hundreds of towns on the map. We used Risketos’ digital channels (Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter) to achieve specific objectives at different phases of the communication strategy. Instagram was used to reinforce collaborative content with McDonald’s, TikTok to viralize video pieces, and Twitter as a support channel to generate conversation with the community.

In the first phase of the strategy, we focused on the viralization of a ‘fake video’ through content creators’ profiles. The result was the creation of a great buzz in the community that made anonymous users share the content organically, generating interest in the audiences, what is happening?

After the warm-up phase, we launched the product with a communication video of the new McDonald’s menu by Risketos. This launch was done through the snack brand’s Instagram channel, where later, and to close the strategy, we communicated the brand’s POS promotion: Any user who collected two promotional strips from inside the Risketos bags could exchange them for free McShaker Fries by Risketos at any McDonald’s location.

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2 MM reach

6 MM impressions

72K interactions


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