Proud of who we are



In 2019, in a category dominated by the Scottish DO, DYC faced a major challenge. Despite its roots in Spanish popular culture, the brand struggled with perceptions of low quality and “value for money” image among consumers.
The challenge was ambitious: to improve this perception by legitimising the brand for everything it stands for.


In that transformative journey, in which Picnic helped to create the new brand positioning, we defined a clear ambition: to establish the only Spanish whisky as a leader within a category dominated by the Scottish DO. To achieve this, we worked on a strategy to enhance the product’s quality perception. We leveraged on all the exceptional things to be proud of in our country, connecting with the whisky drinker, not only on a functional level, but, above all, on an emotional and social level. This is how we co-created the brand platform “Proud of who we are”.


In this deep transformational work, which began over four years ago, the strategy has focused on highlighting the Spanish idiosyncrasy, its culture, and its way of enjoying life, through various actions under the umbrella of DYC’s brand platform “Proud of who we are.”

During the pandemic (2020), we created our own media: social media, bar shutters, and the streets (balconies), to raise self-esteem during this sad period that upended everyone’s lives, encouraging the rediscovery of the beauty of Spanish neighbourhoods, locals and everyday life.

We fostered appreciation for the Spanish lifestyle through the eyes of foreigners (2021) and explored the hidden corners of cities (2022), all to highlight the greatness that often goes unnoticed.

We also developed campaigns focused on highlighting the Spanish character and our connection to family on Father’s Day (2023-24).

A standout aspect of this transformative journey was the conversion of the DYC distillery into a true cultural and tourist icon (2023-24), comparable to the best distilleries in the world. This achievement not only elevated the brand’s image but also became a tangible symbol of all the positivity we have around us.

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To highlight just three things:

For the first time in its history, DYC has moved from bwing the “value for money” option in the category to become a brand that is on par with J&B in strategic quality perceptions such as finest ingredients and rich heritage.

DYC has managed to auction a bottle of DYC 20 for 10,500 euros, something unthinkable a few years ago, demonstrating the brand’s new legitimacy in terms of value.

And we have succeeded in positioning DYC as a brand on the same level as Ballantines and J&B in terms of being “proud to order by name,” proving that today, ordering a DYC anywhere in Spain is not just ordering a great whisky, but above all, it is a matter of pride.


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