Risketos had two goals: to become a more relevant snack in the gamer universe by doing something truly significant for gamers and to outdo our main competitor: Cheetos, especially in a territory where this brand is already well established.

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To be relevant in the gaming world, we had to act on something very important to gamers. What is the most important thing for them? Obviously, gaming. And the main enemy of gamers who want to play peacefully? Not so obvious: cheating. And what are cheats called in the gaming world?

“Chetos”. Risketos would position itself as a firm and committed advocate of fair play.


We created No Más Chetos (no More Chetos), a movement to champion fair play and end to cheating. To do so, we developed an installable cheat, or a “cheto,” which faithfully respected the aesthetics and usability of real ones, but which was fake.

This way, we would troll all cheaters.

We shared it on all the platforms where the community is, so when they thought they were going to cheat, all they found was a message from Risketos inviting them to switch to fair play and share it with their friends who do “chetos.” No Más Chetos was commented on by streamers like @werlyb, @SrSerpiente, @caritoalaparato, @judithjutz, and @albii_prz and received support from the Movistar Riders team.

“The action that every video game fan would want to send to more than one gamer friend.”

Former Marketing Director of Ubisoft.


+45K gamers impactados +2500 partidas sin chetos


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