Less air, more enjoyment



We had to work on the relaunch of the new packaging for RISI’s original crisps, which reduces plastic by up to 17% and eliminates the “air” that is left over in the bags. Through active listening on social media, we observed that, in general, consumers continuously criticized the filling of chip bags: too much bag for too few crisps.

How to play with this handicap to relaunch a traditional snack product like RISI chips on social media?

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It was clear to us that we had to develop a concept that would allow a quick understanding of a message that went straight to all the detractors of filling potato bags. And we decided to do it in a fun way, breaking with the conventions of the category, based on the knowledge of the consumer’s concerns to improve their experience.

A campaign that squeezes the “less is more” with an ingenious idea that provides continuity to the image, visualizes the brand’s values in the environmental field, and promotes active listening to consumers’ concerns. To make this great challenge understood, the key was to use simple, noticeable, and relevant communication.


We worked on the conceptualization of the campaign idea “Less air, more enjoyment”, the communication pieces, and visual design at points of sale.

We invited four content creators to challenge their followers to create their own videos responding to the challenge: Where did the air in the RISI potato bags go? The best content was rewarded with an experience, of course, linked to air: a hot air balloon ride.

With the campaign, we managed to make an impact on the public that rejects, precisely, the scarce filling of the bags, and, in addition, we achieved an impact on sustainability through the reduction of plastic and the optimisation of transport.

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