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Communicate the brand’s purpose: real fashion for real bodies, highlighting the variety of sizes C&A has, including all types of people.

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To create something relevant and innovative, we had to focus on the consumer, effectively communicating their differentiation from other fashion brands: real fashion for all kinds of people. Thus, we saw that, unlike other brands, C&A does not create fashion for people to fit into; but the other way around: creating clothes for people to wear according to their style and preferences. From this, “You Make It Unique” was born in Spain in 2022, and a year later, we continued with “Infinite Models,” extending the reach to Portugal and Germany.


To demonstrate that clothes fit all kinds of consumers, it was necessary to use people instead of professional models. Therefore, we set up photo sets in the windows of some stores, and with the help of expert stylists and photographers who helped communicate their personalities, we created a real-time campaign. The images could be seen on billboards and digital screens in the stores and other commercial areas.


2,200 real models

3.7 M outdoor impacts

4.7 M radio impacts

Social Media:

3 M impacts

Reach of 130K (paid + organic)

Engagement of +4%

CPC of 0.14

Brand awareness 11.1% (Source: Yougov)


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