Building a more humane future



Communicating Fundación MAPFRE’s initiatives from a different and emotional point of view. Our im was to make the concept “Building a more humane future” tangible, both for those who receive the foundation’s help and for those of us in a position to help.

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In addition to communicating the Foundation’s projects, we felt it was important to enhance emotionality. To achieve this, we had to be able to convey what the Foundation makes its workers and volunteers feel, faithfully representing this “emotional reward.”

Here we found an opportunity: to go beyond communication and provide this emotional experience to the audience. And how could we make them feel the same? Through the universal language that best helps share emotions: music.


We created an anthem for the Foundation, which served as a vehicle for that feeling, and lyrics that delved into it. To communicate it, two international campaigns were launched where the original anthem and a version performed by a children’s choir were the protagonists.

Moreover, this anthem has become more than just a communication exercise for the outside world: it is also used as an identifying element within Fundación MAPFRE itself, forming part of the organisation’s internal culture.

A hymn that evolves

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+12% increase in mentions YOY
+74% organic online searches vs previous period in 2022
+8.4% increase in brand recall


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