The Hidden Country



“The Hidden Country” is Samsung’s initiative to bring visibility to any hidden corner of Spain, aiming to boost national tourism once again. With the launch of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its 8K resolution, we embarked on one of the biggest challenges: rediscovering the most unknown villages in our country.

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The problem of “Empty Spain” is, as the name suggests, that hundreds of villages are becoming deserted. Without their people, there is no one to tell their stories, so it was clear to us that the locals themselves should be the ones to provoke the conversation.


We provided the locals with the new Galaxy S21 so they could film their villages and send a clear and direct message to the most visible influencers in our country, who in turn would give visibility to these hidden corners. The conversation began, generating more than 5 million impressions and over 18,000 total interactions, thus placing hundreds of villages on the map.

These were their calls to the influencers.

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+5.5MM reach
+18K interactions
+10K publications
+50K added value


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