Power bank



Create a high-profile action that fits in at Christmas to tell the story of BMW electric’s first-ever collaboration with Real Madrid, to join forces and work together on sustainable projects.


We wanted our action to make life easier for people in need at the Real Madrid Foundation. And we realised that, although large donations are made at this time of year, there is something that has never been donated but is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain: electrical energy, which is why the Energy Bank was created.


We wanted to fill the Energy Bank with as much electricity as possible, so we involved anyone who wanted to collaborate by creating an experience where you could donate your own energy through football.

We built a football pitch where players wore an intelligent vest that measured the energy they spent, which was converted to kWh and donated to the Foundation.

For the first match, we invited Real Madrid legends, thus achieving great turnout and notoriety in the press.


380 participants

58,823 kWh collected, which helped more than 1,600 people with their electricity bills.


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