VOCENTO’s gastronomy business unit has the mission of diversifying the parent company’s business to ensure new avenues of growth for the group. The core of this BU is Madrid Fusión, the world’s leading gastronomic congress.

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Gastronomy is a constantly developing sector where training does not match its economic and social importance. On the one hand, focused only on cooking and not on business or agronomy, and on the other, with practically no university degrees, what would happen if a university degree were created to bring together these disciplines and with a global ambition?

And what would happen if the ambition was also to ‘contribute to the improvement of society and the economy through gastronomic training’?


Vocento’s gastro team and Comillas University have created a university degree with Ferrán Adriá’s Sapiens methodology and Aduriz’s Innovation Lab, which combines: Cuisine, Business and Agronomy. And all this in Madrid, as a magnet to attract students from all over the world.

To do this, we had to create a brand far removed from the standards of traditional cuisine or purely gastronomic proposals.

We created an ambitious value proposition: to become an engine of economic and cultural change; we identified a unique buyer persona based on an archetype: the creator/governor; and on a graphic level, we developed a contemporary, innovative, and prestigious brand.


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