Kilometers of trust



We had to bring MAPFRE’s brand closer to the territory of health and wellbeing, making the general public aware that doing sport is not about beating records but about improving your health.

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The “Kilometers of Confidence” campaign would be divided into several phases. The first phase focused on finding stories that showed a reality people would connect with. A second one in which we focused on bringing self-confidence to our protagonists and anyone who wanted to participate, through our team of professionals. And finally, the big race they had been preparing for.

All brought together in a digital platform.


To turn KM of Confidence into a large digital platform with content generated by selected profiles, with real and notorious stories that would engage the audience. On the platform you could follow the step-by-step progress of our protagonists and the challenges they faced. An entire evolution ending in the Lisbon Marathon, where they demonstrated their self-confidence to overcome this great challenge.


39M impressions

2M interactions

1,600 participants


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