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Reacting to the severe consequences that the pandemic was causing in the Spanish hospitality industry during the March 2020 general confinement.

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Understanding that in the context we were in, Storydoing was much more important than Storytelling. It was time to act, to contribute, to truly help. To channel messages and tributes through a platform that would allow us to transform emotional support into material and economic support. It was time to give the #FuerzaBar campaign greater legitimacy than it had to date.


Ahead of Your Round, #FuerzaBar. An initiative that brings together more than 6,600 restaurants and bars from all over Spain and their lifelong customers. A place where consumers can buy rounds in advance to enjoy them in their favourite bars when they open their doors or whenever they prefer, providing them with liquidity to face these difficult times.



+15MM beers donated – +409K interactions – PR VALUE: 3.8M € – AUDIENCE: 287M.

60% of the population knew about the #FuerzaBar platform, historic levels of awareness for the three brands: Heineken, Amstel and Cruzcampo.


Despite the fact that the action did not pursue commercial success due to the seriousness of the context, offtrade sales (the only channel open during this period), grew by 0.2pp total HESA value.


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