100th Anniversary Beam Suntory

The House of Suntory


To create awareness through a surprising experience that would communicate the 100th anniversary of the Japanese spirits house.

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We needed to convey the evolution of the brand with the guiding thread of The House of Suntory’s values: nature, craftsmanship, and hospitality. And in order to transfer this brand culture to the event guests, we decided to make them experience this evolution through the senses, thanks to the two quintessential cultural icons of Japanese culture: its exquisite gastronomy and its unique aesthetics.


To convey the story of the house, the dinner was divided into five phases: “the awakening,” “the boom,” “the bubble,” “the influence,” and “the skyline.” This evolution was experienced through the drinks, the dishes, the music and the projections that decorated the room, creating a complete experience for all five senses. In addition, to prepare the guests for the reception and introduce them to this Japanese atmosphere, an area was created with a photocall, a vinyl bar and two Instagrammable backdrops.

100th Anniversary Beam Suntory


A reach of 1.51M was achieved on social media and 4,500 interactions. 33 press insertions, 2M PR Value and an ROI of 1000%.


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